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Portable and Tow able Generators, 3000 to 750,000 watts

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Baldor Generators now offers the most complete line of portable, standby, prime power and peak-shaving generators in the industry. From 3 – 2,000 kW in gasoline, LP, natural gas or diesel, there’s a Baldor generator for every power requirement. Each generator is designed and manufactured for maximum performance and reliability, making Baldor generators “the power solution” for industrial applications.


Industrial Portable Generators  Industrial Portable Generators
Baldor industrial portable generators are suitable for applications where portable power is needed. Available from 3000 through 11,000 watts these generators are designed for continuous operations. Portable generators are available in several models: the fully featured Premier line; maximum valued Powerchief line; and diesel. Baldor portables provide a "Switchless Full Pow'R" feature, which eliminates the voltage selector 'power switch'. The Premier models also have an automatic idler feature, which reduces fuel consumption, and have a unique 'Focal Vibration System', which reduces vibration and eliminates 'floor walking'.

Industrial Towable Standby Generators  Industrial Towable Standby Generators
Baldor towable generators are designed and engineered for industrial, commercial and rental applications that require quiet operation, optimum performance and superior reliability. From the ultra quiet sound attenuated enclosures to the state-of-the-art electronics and controls, these units are engineered to meet the most rugged conditions. Place the unit at the job site, connect the load and start it up. Units can also be used with an automatic transfer switch for standby applications. Available from 25kVA/20kW to 500kVA/400kW these units have a three position voltage selection switch for 1 and 3 phase connections; large integral fuel tank; fuel water separators and many safety features including water temperature shutdown, and low oil shutdown. Field installed or Mod Express options are available including battery chargers, block heaters, and ball hitch couplings.

Mobile Light Towers  Mobile Light Towers
Baldor’s compact mobile light tower provides 4000 watts of light anywhere you need it: Construction, Emergency, Industrial, Mining, Civil Engineering and Event Lighting. With metal-halide lamps the Baldor POW’R LITE models will provide light coverage for over 7 acres. Each model is powered by a Baldor 6000 watt light tower generator, which is designed for a compact and efficient installation. POW’R LITE light towers are powered by the dependable Kubota diesel engine. A 50-gallon fuel tank provides for 100-hours of operation.

Automatic Emergency Standby Generators  Automatic Emergency Standby Generators
The Automatic Emergency generators have been engineered and built to meet the emergency power needs of the residential and light commercial customer. Available in an 11 kW rating, this unit continuously monitor the electrical current in your home or office and start up automatically if the utility power is interrupted. And they shut themselves off when utility service is returned. Natural gas and LP powered units are available. Other features include: powder coat paint finish, weatherproof enclosure constructed of heavy gauge steel and has special sound attenuation.

Industrial Agricultural Standby Generators  Industrial Agricultural Standby Generators
Industrial diesel engine-driven generator systems for industrial single phase applications including agricultural confinement house operations, greenhouse facilities and dairy operations. Used also as power systems
for municipal plants. Available in sizes 30kW to 200kW with John Deere engines. Other features include full-status monitor, fuel connections for use with existing tanks or provisions for optional sub-base tank. Available options include weatherproof enclosures, circuit breakers, and starting battery/charger.

Gaseous Standby Generators  Gaseous Standby Generators
Baldor GLC generator sets provide totally automatic standby power for large residences and small businesses. Available from 10 to 125 kW they are fueled by LP or natural gas. Reliable industrial gaseous engines
give a long service life on the GLC units. The automatic voltage regulator provides precise voltage control, while the electronic isochronous governor assures precise frequency control. A digital controller features full instrumentation of engine and output power conditions. All GLC generators are prototype engineered, factory built and production tested. Field installed or Mod Express options are available including battery chargers, exhaust silencers, and enclosures. When used with the optional weatherproof or sound attenuated enclosure the unit provides a smooth and quiet operation.

Industrial Diesel Liquid Cooled Generators  Industrial Diesel Liquid Cooled Generators
Whether it's providing primary power for a transcontinental ship, a remote copper mine, or supplying vital standby power for a large metropolitan computer center, Baldor IDLC generators are at work all over the globe. For peak shaving duty, IDLC generators can supply prime power in parallel with the utility. In the standby mode, the IDLC gensets can supply emergency power to all critical loads and selected loads as desired.
Every IDLC power system is designed, engineered, built and tested to
the customer's specific specifications. Baldor's IDLC diesel generator sets include ratings from 30kW to 2000kW using John Deere, Mitsubishi, or Detroit diesel engines. Solid-state engine controls and switchgear systems are designed to meet your application requirements.

Industrial Gaseous Standby / Prime Power Generators  Industrial Gaseous Standby / Prime Power Generators
The Baldor IGLC generators are a custom product configured to customer’s specifications and offered from 30kW to 880kW in Natural Gas or LP. IGLC power generation systems are available in open configuration, weatherproof and fully sound attenuated enclosures. Every IGLC power system is designed, engineered, built and tested to the customer's specific specifications. Solid-state engine controls and switchgear systems are designed to meet application requirements.

Generator Mod Express™  Generator Mod Express
Now you can buy a Baldor GLC (Gaseous Liquid Cooled) or a Baldor Towable genset and have several more choices and faster delivery. The modular nature of the generator Mod Express™ System means you can more or less design your own genset, with the type of enclosure and features you want, and there is considerable field upgrade potential.


Generator Literature:

Specifiers Binder  Specifiers Binder
To assist consultants and product specifiers, we have combined all the relative product and component data in one convenient location. In the Product Specifiers Binder page you will find model specific genset specification sheets, enclosure specifications, and controller data sheets along with other information that can be utilized to create a complete genset data package.





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